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Merit Scholarship Selection Process


How can I be considered for the Duke Merit Scholarship?

Apply to Duke University!

Every applicant to Duke University is considered for 8 out of the 9 merit scholarships offered at Duke University. All students who apply and are accepted for undergraduate admission to Duke University are automatically considered for a merit scholarship. Merit scholarships are available for both domestic and international students. Robertson Scholars must apply through a separate application process. Please visit for more details.

How will I know if I have been selected for a Duke Merit Scholarship?

Finalists are selected based on the individual criteria for each scholarship. Finalists for the Alumni, A.B. Duke, B.N. Duke, Reginaldo Howard, Robertson, University, and Trinity scholarships will be invited to participate in a four-day campus visit at the end of March that will include an interview and opportunities to meet with faculty and current scholars. Those selected as finalists will be notified early March by email. Other scholarships may include a phone or Skype interview as part of the finalist process.

How can I afford a Duke education?

Learn more about Financial Aid at Duke

If you are hesitant to apply to Duke because of the cost, please reconsider. In addition to these nine merit scholarship programs, Duke University has recently expanded need-based financial aid. Duke is strongly committed to its financial aid program and the principle that a student’s financial resources should not be a barrier to enrollment. Duke University pledges to meet full demonstrated financial need for every one of our students. For U.S. citizens, permanent residents, and undocumented or DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) students, Duke's admissions policy is "need-blind," which means that applicants are accepted based on their merit, regardless of their ability to pay for college.

As a reminder, to be considered for institutional aid, students must submit the CSS Profile and the FAFSA by February 1. Applicants are automatically considered for Duke merit scholarships by virtue of their admissions application; however, there are several merit scholarships that require that the recipient demonstrate financial need. To be considered for these scholarships, it is essential that you submit all of your required financial aid documents by the February 1 deadline.

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