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Our Mission


Benjamin N. Duke Scholars strive to excel academically and to serve as leaders of civic engagement initiatives both on and off campus. We work collaboratively to build creative partnerships with communities in the Carolinas and beyond. We endeavor to be globally minded and locally grounded while acting as ambassadors representing the Carolinas and Duke University. We engage in critical introspection regarding our ideas and experiences in order to better understand the world and improve our work.

Benefits and Opportunities


Financial Support

The Benjamin N. Duke Scholars Program provides eight semesters of full tuition, room and board, and mandatory fees to Duke University. Scholars also have access to generous funding for domestic and international summer experiences.


Academic Community

All first-year scholars in a first-year seminar series across scholarships engage with each other as scholars, learn from scholars on and off campus, and engage with the greater Durham community. In the spring, the first years enroll in a half-credit scholar-led seminar that prepares them for the Carolina Summer of Service through readings and discussions about service. Additional programming, trainings, and community building opportunities are offered to all B. N. Duke Scholars throughout the academic year.

In addition to monetary support, dedicated faculty and staff help the scholars reach new academic heights and tackle real world problems with innovative, interdisciplinary, compassionate, and sustainable approaches. B. N. Duke Scholars emerge from their experience at Duke as leaders, problem solvers, and members of an extensive community that spreads across the Carolinas and beyond.


Enrichment Experiences

B. N. Duke Scholars receive additional funding to support service projects during their time at Duke. Through the summer programs and other community engagement projects they complete over the course of their academic careers, B. N. Duke Scholars develop an understanding of what it means to partner with people rather than work for people; they learn to listen first and then speak; they ground themselves locally in the Carolinas even as they engage communities in the broader world.


The B. N. Duke Community

On campus, B. N. Scholars support and challenge one another. B. N. Duke Scholars have many ways of building community. Scholars work together in many organizations at Duke and in Durham, drawing on the strength of the B. N. Duke Community to support their service and leadership efforts. When B. N. Scholars travel abroad, they often call upon the global network of scholars and alumni to make connections, gain wisdom, and enhance their travel and service experiences.


Interested in becoming a B. N. Duke Scholar?

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